This Ain't Your Mama's Cookin'

Who Cooked it Best? Mom or StepMom?

New episode Wednesday, February 15th 

As a Mom of a Blended Family I was caught completely off guard over food and the battle ground for who cooked it best - Mom or StepMom? 

Imagine spending hours cooking a meal for your Blended Family only to have a kid take a bite or two; "Dad don't you think Mom's dish is way better than Lisa's? I just can't eat this!"

Flashback 17 years, to my then 13 year old Step Son who refused to eat any meals I prepared because I used "jars" to make family meals.  Apparently, Chris could only eat meals his Mother prepared because she made everything from scratch.  

My Stepson's favorite made from scratch meal? Creamy tuna!  Chris' Mom flew weekly from landlocked Utah to the ocean reeling in that fresh tuna. Followed by milking her own cow for that farm fresh milk.  Not to mention making homemade cheddar cheese!  All for just one meal!  Super Mom!   

Food unfortunately, becomes just another layer in the loyalty bind children of divorce deal with when they become part of a Blended Family.  

This Ain't Your Mama's Cookin' tackles the Food War Challenges head on.  Learn tips on how to take charge of the cooking for your Blended Family. Find new family favorites with simple, easy recipes for the busy Blended Mama!

Blended, Not Stirred!