Romancing The Hubby

Making your Marriage The Top Priority in a Second Marriage 

New Episode Monday, February 12th!

Falling In Love with your Significant Other is the entire reason behind Blending your TWO or in my case THREE families. Yet in Second Marriages our first inclination is to put our kids first, rather than our marriage!  

Here's the dirty little secret - putting your kids first is the perfect recipe to ensure that marriage number TWO suffers the same fate as marriage number one!  

I know I've been there.  You divorced their Dad or Mom and now you feel intense guilt so you want to make it up to your kids? Right?  

I get it!  It's not their choice, but guess what? A whole heck of a lot of things that happen to your kids during their lifetime, they will have no choice over it happening. Divorce or not - life happens.

In our Family unit,  besides divorced parents - one kid required bars in her back to correct  scoliosis(15), along with emergency Brian Surgery for an Aneurysm at 20.  Another, almost died from Sepsis at 13.

 More often than not, we deal with things we don't have a choice in dealing with at times we were not expecting them to happen.  Your kids hopefully will not have to deal with similar issues, but in the end we shape how they handle curve balls.

Bottom line - your kids will not only survive being second to your marriage, they will actually flourish from the strong foundation of your marriage and family.

Again, if your marriage isn't strong, the whole reason for the Blending your family is lost.   

Marriage first -  kids second.  In the end your kids will thank you.

Blended, Not Stirred!