Blended, Not Stirred 

How Many Years Does It Take For A Third Wife, 2nd Husband to Just Become Husband and Wife?

3rd Wife 2nd Husband

Seventeen years ago,  I officially became Raylan's 3rd Wife and he my 2nd Husband. You might not have realized that society has an unwritten rule, if you’ve ever been married before your Spouse comes with a chronological distinction.

Which got me wondering, will there ever come a day when Raylan is just my Husband and me his Wife? Or will our marriage forever be viewed as less than ideal because it didn't come first?

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Mother's Day - A Holiday For Some or All Mom's?

When I birthed my Daughter 22 years ago I automatically joined the Motherhood.  At the time, I mistakenly assumed that all Mom's celebrated Mother's Day, even StepMoms. It was a surprise to me when I became a StepMom that I was expected to celebrate Mother's Day twice. Once on Mother's Day with my Daughter I birthed and the following week with my kids by marriage.  Yes, it's just as crazy at it sounds! My case for why Mother's Day should be a Holiday for all Moms!


Every Family is a Blended Family! Even your Family!

Watch as I visually illustrate why EVERY Family is a Blended Family!  Yes,Even Your Family!