Home Blended Style


New Episode Wednesday, February 15th!

Welcome to Home Blended Style!  Where we tackle Blending TWO Home Decorating Styles  into one cohesive style. 

Whether you're moving out of two homes into a new home.  Or one Spouse is moving into another's home which they may have been shared with their former Spouse.  Blending Homes and Decorating Styles is very tricky.  

EVERYONE has opinions about decorating your new shared space: the kids, the Exes.

My 13 year old Stepson way back when,  went so far as to gather paint samples of the colors his Mother had recently used to paint her home.  My Hubby, according to him only liked home decorating done by his Mom!  

Or Ex Wife number 2 started shopping for furniture options for the new home my Hubby and I would be sharing.  She never lived in this home - EVER!  When we chose to go a different direction, she stronglyquestioned my Hubby choosing a different home style from HER style - I mean HIS style.

In the end, we created a new style that my Hubby and I both LOVE!  And not surprising the kids love it too!  And the Exes?  They came along as well - even borrowing a design element or two from our new Blended Home decor. 

Change is difficult, but so worth it for your Blended Family when it comes to Blending Home Styles. 

Blended, Not Stirred!