Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


I started this blog to share my experiences with blending our families.  In an effort to protect those who didn't have a choice in being mentioned, I made the decision to change their names.   So before I share some deeper issues of our family dynamics let me introduce to you "our" kids..... 

Jax – Our oldest son living at home.  He is Raylan's natural son from marriage number two. He is a tall, dark and handsome sixteen year old who is incredibly funny and loves anything sports related.  Better known as the sexy beast, his self proclaimed title.  He refers to me as his mom, one of his parents, but calls me Lisa. 

Elle - Our middle child living at home, although by only 6 months to Jax. She is my only natural child.  Elle is a gorgeous sixteen year old; sassy and smart who has a contagious laugh, can talk your ear off,  loves to design and shop for clothes and shoes.  She calls Raylan, daddy or popa and luckily calls me mom or mama as the mood strikes.

“Little Hart” - Baby of "our" Family.  She is the other natural child from Raylan's second marriage.  Little Hart is a beautiful 12 year old who is extremely bright, doesn't take crap from anyone and can tell a story with incredible humor leaving you hanging on her every word. Her looks and mannerisms are a lot like my hubby, especially her STUBBORN bone! She calls me mom, except when she is mad; then she calls me LISA!  

The three older kids,  adults now, adopted at birth by Raylan and Ex #1.   All are of a mixed race and as an unfortunate circumstance, were raised in a community without much diversity.

Halle – Oldest child from Raylan's first marriage.  She is a stunning, intelligent, divorced 30 year old mother of one.  Halle currently lives with her child and boyfriend nearby.  I am Lisa her Dad’s wife.

John –Oldest son from Raylan's first marriage.  He is a funny and engaging 27 year old divorced father of two with movie star looks.  He could sell you some swamp land in Florida for a million dollars and you would happily pay it.  He lives an hour away with his mom and step-dad.  We're his parents, refer's to me as his mom, but call's me Lisa.

Chris -Youngest son from Raylan's first marriage.  Chris is a 24 year old with model like looks and is an extremely talented and amazing artist.  Like a a lot of talented individuals he has a tortured soul. He lives across the country.  I am Lisa, his dad’s wife, evil stepmother.