Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


For those of you who know me "Going Green" are words you never thought you would hear coming out of my mouth.  I'm all for the "Green" movement, but it seems like it has become the most overused catch phase to sell products and messages alike.  Al Gore really comes to mind, traveling on private jets around the world to preach to people about being "Green" to stop global warming.  He and his staff will go to great pains to tell you that they paid for credits of some sort to off-set his luxury travel.  But come on guys if it's hurting the environment - it's hurting the environment no matter how you want to rationalize it.  

So I'm "Going Green" well sort of.  I have a five year old Sequoia that as any well seasoned Mom/Step-Mom will tell you has seen some things - 138,296 to be exact!  Yes, I have logged every single one of them.  We initially bought the car in 2005 when I was still transporting three kids, not one like I am now.  So I needed the space to keep me sane. If they each had a nice seat and some entertainment then we were all GOLDEN.  

Now it's just me and Little Hart most days. I travel the 23 mile trip to Little Hart's school twice a day, plus work and errands.  Looking at the miles on the odometer, we started looking for a  smaller, better gas mileage alternative.  Next thing you know were in the Lincoln Dealership negotiating for a MKZ Hybrid.  "Going Green!" Well sort a, I'm not doing it as much for the environment as I am for the "Green" in wallet.  Filling up for $85 twice a week - insane! 15 miles to the gallon  - insane! $4 a gallon - insane! 

For as much as I have complained about the "Green" movement I should have known that this car purchase would not be an easy process.  They had ZERO in stock - huge demand can get one here in five short days with a signature and a deposit.   Five days pass. The phone rings: Can't sell you the car. Why?  Well it went through a little storm on the way to Utah and.......... Um, well, all the paint is stripped off the car and every single window and screen is shattered!

Seriously, I decide to "Go Green" and the world is sending me a pretty strong message -- NOT FOR YOU DEAR! 

It should have deterred me, but NO we continued our Hybrid quest.  They found one in New Mexico and they can have here by next Saturday.  That will work.  Again the phone rings the following Friday. The car it isn't coming! What????  They sold it to someone in New Mexico and the car is gone.  So much for a deposit.  So no what? We can custom order one from the Factory.  It will take six weeks, but it will be ALL yours.  We'll see. The deposit was supposed to be a guarantee for the other two.

So even though I'm not "Green" now, I will be in six short weeks, barring Mother Nature nixing the deal:  

My green tidbits of the week:

I will be going from a gas guzzling SUV to a mid-size car  

Averaging 15 miles to the gallon to 47 miles  

Running on the battery when going 47 miles an hour or less

Energy from braking, used to charge the battery, as well as, charging when it's in gas mode

No-plug-in required - Yeah!

The car computer decides all on it's own when it will run on electric or Gas

And I can play my music on my phone through the stereo system.

What did Karma ultimately throw my way for pursuing a car in the name of "Going Green"?

Our State Legislature in their infinite wisdom has decided to debate charging a tax for Hybrid cars because "They're just not using enough GAS!" Figure that one out!