Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


You know the original Lisa Hartman? No, I'm not talking about Ex-Wife number two - yes we do share the same first name and sometimes same last - yet - surprisingly I'm not talking about her today! I'm talking about THE Lisa Hartman from Knots Landing - the spin off from Dallas. My two favorite shows from the 80's.  

I watched Knots Landing religiously every week, counting the days down until the next episode.  Who wasn't enraged with they killed off Lisa Hartman's character Ciji Dunne?  Then thankful they brought her back as another character! 

I had no idea back then, that I would someday share the same awesome name with her.  She has since gone on to marry Clint Black and officially goes by Lisa Hartman Black - it still doesn't stop the comments when I say my  name. Lisa Hartman? Isn't that the name of a famous actress?  Are you her? They're kidding of course - trying to make me feel good about myself! I never really know how to respond so I usually say something like  "Unfortunately I'm not - wish I had her money though." Accompanied with a weird grin. Which they usually respond with polite, nervous laughter. 

I've had this dream for years now  - I run into the other Lisa Hartman - we hit it off - talk easily- ultimately become friends........ Ahhh! A girl can dream.

Well part of that dream came true!  I just wasn't there to experience it!  Last week my Hubby went a business trip to Vancouver, British Columbia.  Butt head!  As you know you're crossing an international border so you have to have a passport.  On the flight back the airline called up each passenger to check their passport. They used last names only.  

"Hartman, please come to the counter."  Raylan went up and showed his passport - you're all set - please take a seat.  A few minutes later - they call "Hartman." Again, my Hubby goes up to the counter - "they just checked my passport - what's the problem?" "I don't know sir." This goes on another two times - YES a total of four times! 

On the fourth trip up to the counter a woman walks up at the same time "I'm sorry - I think it's me that you've been calling - I'm Lisa Hartman - well Lisa Hartman Black didn't realize you were calling me." Yes, Lisa Hartman the actress! Lisa Hartman the actress from Knots Landing!  THE Lisa Hartman!!

So here's one of those moments - Does my Hubby say I'm married to Lisa Hartman? NOPE! She gets comments all the damn time asking if she is you.  NOPE!  She's been a huge fan of yours for years.  NOPE! He just turns around - walks back to his seat.

Um, seriously? Ya, seriously he says.