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Hartman fireplace flames no more!

We put our Christmas tree and decorations up a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it along with our favorite fire place right next to the tree. Well sort of. Our favorite fireplace died two days before Thanksgiving, not one of the other three that we like less, well a lot less. Nope our favorite that gets used constantly, especially during the holidays. It now sits dark.
Sooo my hubby says you better call and see if we can get someone out before Thanksgiving. I make the call and ask is there anyway that you can send someone to look at it before Thanksgiving? The service rep on the phone didn't miss a beat when he replied well I can guarantee you that isn't going to happen! The conversation in my mind went something like; Am I detecting sarcasm sir? You're damn right you are lady! But in reality it went something like, um ok in my state of shock. Seriously he's not even going to pretend that there's some slim possibility? It is the holidays after all. Um, no. It turns out that they were closing their shop at 4 that day and not coming back to work until the first part of December. That sounds reasonable, I mean how many people in this 5 degree weather would want you to fix their fireplace? Not many, clearly.  
Our day that the fireplace repairman could find his way came 10 days ago. He spent 30 minites and then said, well the switch box is dead, we will have to order a new one, 2-3 weeks. Once we get the part we'll call you to set up an appointment. Rage fills up in side, but I look at the guy and say. Can't we set up an appointment now, two weeks away,  so that when the part comes in there may be some possibility of having it for say that little Holiday, Christmas!  Oh I guess we could do that, call Crystal. Well Crystal was not happy since that's not how they do things, but after some persistance on my part she got the part on a truck leaving on the 13th and they will bring it with them tomorrow and hopefully, keep our fingers crossed, get the old fireplace working again.   We need warmth this Holiday!!