Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


Jax's first day of dorm life was a lot like his first day of preschool. The door to his room had two paper basketball jerseys taped to the door - one with Jax's name and the other - Drew - his roommate.  Ahh! So cute! We all had the same butterflies, emotions about leaving our baby for the first time only this time around we wouldn't be picking him up in four hours - it would be four years!

All five of us followed him into his dorm room, his roommate had yet to arrive. We filled up the entire room.  All of his stuff is neatly stacked thanks to the awesome guys that unloaded our car and delivered it to his room. We quickly make a list of things we still need to purchase. We all offer one by one to make his bed, put clothes away - Jax refuses any help.  Wants to do it himself! A shock to Greta and me since he's never done either in 18 years.  Just sayin! We leave him to his room and head out to shop for the must haves. Although we're all wondering at this point if there's room for what's already in there let alone a few more "necessities"!

We attacked the nearest Target, all five of us splitting up to get things faster - asking for each other's opinion - sometimes texting Jax for the final word.  It was a fun experience that resulted in two overflowing carts.  This freaks my Hubby out - there's no room for all of this stuff.  He foots the bill for everything after I comfort him - they have a return policy! 

Move in was in full swing by the time we got back.  Raylan dropped the four of us off  with the "must have" items.  When we arrived at his room, Drew his roommate was busy setting things up along with his parents.  I start the introductions - I'm Step Mom Lisa - Mom Lisa (Greta).  We get the look of - you're both named Lisa? I pretend I don't notice and continue on with his sisters - Dad out in the car.  

Jax agrees to let Elle and Greta put together a lamp we bought. Meanwhile his neighboring suite mate's Dad comes over Lisa right?  Yes- I'm actually Lisa the Step Mom - Mom Lisa is over there.  He seems dis-interested - Um - I've got your info we'll be in touch.   Jax looks at both Greta and me - "I just gave them your info(looking at me) I didn't know your email Mom - Dad can just send it to you when he gets the email of all the parents of my roommates"  Greta seems a little taken back.  "You didn't know my email?" I assumed all along he meant Raylan's email and our home address.  It was Jax saving time.  

Raylan received the email later that evening and responded to all the parents copying Greta asking everyone to please add Jax's Mom and Step Dad's information to the list including all of their relevant information.  I hope when she saw only Raylan's email address - I'm assuming it stung less that Jax remembered his Dad's email address not mine over hers.

We talked Jax to grabbing a bite with us. The situation between Little Hart and Elle had taken a temporary reprieve for the morning and I was so thankful.  Lunch went well, but afterwards Little Hart resumed where she left off.  I was at a loss for how to fix it.  Getting mad at Little Hart would only make things worse - I really didn't think she understood why she was feeling and acting this way.

Jax asked to come back to the hotel for take a quick nap. Little Hart followed Greta and Jax to their room.  Elle to her room that connected to ours.  Raylan acknowledged the situation with Little Hart and Elle was more than their normal dynamic - a lot going on with her, but it still didn't make it right how she was treating Elle. That in and of itself was validating, if he did nothing more I could live with that.  Greta indicated that Little Hart was a sleep.  If Raylan was going to talk to her it would have to be later.

A few hours later Jax wanted to go back to his dorm.  We all met downstairs.  The Little Hart that went upstairs stayed upstairs, a new Little Hart was downstairs. She was very nice to Elle and offered to let her sit up in the middle seat and she would sit alone in the back.  She was interacting with Elle like normal.  

I knew there and then that Greta had talked to Little Hart.  Don't know what about specifically, but her attitude was completely different. It stayed that way for the remainder of the trip.  Nothing more needed to be said we had Little Hart back. The initial bonding of our travel team resumed.

Raylan dropped us off one last time, carrying in a few more "must haves".  Standing in the middle of a complete disaster - Jax says "ok- I'll finish setting it up." In unison "you sure?" "Ya" says Jax. Greta asked if this was goodbye and he shook his head yes. He gave us all short and sweet hugs - no tears -no real emotion - it was like we were going to a movie without him. Could be that he was ready to be on his own - going to see us in two weeks for Labor Day?  Regardless of the reason we said goodbye and left.

The next day Jax would text a picture with "My new home is finally set up! Haha crazy!" I texted back "Your new home looks awesome and it's all yours! The very best part.  You'll never forget your first home. Thanks for sharing your pic!" Greta and Little Hart left on a plane the following day.  Raylan, Elle and I left by car the day after that. Our goodbye wasn't just to a son, but to a life(his and ours) that would never be the same again.