Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


I know it's Thursday, but I'm doing my Tidbit Tuesday post today.  I've been on overload for the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully, I will get my timing back on for the Summer and then, well - it will be Fall! Ugh!

This week, I've been noticing some chatter about - FOOD! Kids and Step-Kids eating that special treat Mom's/Step-Mom's have saved as reward for that long day after work only to find that it was eaten by the munchkins!  It's a kids nature to eat what's in front of them. I've tried changing my eating habits to things I know they hate.  Then they get desperate - starving - breakdown and eat my treat.  They realize WOW - that's fantastic!  

Little Hart: Do we have any more of the Kettle Chips?

Me: Yes, they're in the hiding place.

Little Hart: The usual hiding place?

Me: Yes Dahling!

Yes, I have a hiding place - that all my kids know about. It may seem a little wacky and maybe even a little sad, but it's sanity to me.  I have an entire cabinet dedicated to the kids needs; cereal, chips, granola, treats. I used to put my treats in that same cabinet.  Only to find that when I wanted one or the seven bags of chip in the pantry all were open and stale because each kid decided to open a new bag every time they wanted some or that special treat - just an empty box!

A while back I went into overdrive to fix the situation. Was it worth having a come to Jesus moment with the kids over a few bags of chips or some special cookies? I thought long and hard before coming to the conclusion - No! My Hubby said just buy a new bag - or more cookies.  That sounds good in theory, except at 8:00 at night I don't feel like going to the store.   When I do go and restock - guess what?  They open every bag of those chips in like minutes or eat that special treat.

It became apparent that I had to go with Plan B.  Plan B? Yes, I put two bags of a particular chip, cookies.... then I place another one or two in the cabinet two doors down.  It's my cabinet, the one with all the food for dinners, etc.  Initially, when I did it - they never bothered to look in that boring cabinet.  

One day I was caught getting a bag of chips out of there for me and my Hubby.

Kids: We had more chips?  

I explained my little story and then came the unwritten rule - better ask Mom before eating food out of that cabinet or she could have a melt down. It's worked relatively well.  I have fresh chips, treats when I desire and the kids get their snacks and I'm available for back up.

It's become so commonplace that we openly reference the "Usual Hiding Place".  Mostly the kids don't want to walk down to the other cabinet - to much effort.  Whatever the reason it has worked well.  Saved us all from a Mommy meltdown - bonus for the entire family!  

Does anyone else have a "private reserve" for late night snacking?