Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


It was short and sweet and now it's over. The snowstorm that is.

Yesterday was Elle's last check-up with Dr. Smith to track her Spine Fusion surgery she had to correct her scoliosis.  The x-ray showed that the bone had fused to the titanium rods perfectly!  Her scar is perfect! Elle is the the perfect patient!   Perfect, perfect,perfect! I asked if it was ok that Elle had been lifting people on her shoulders for dance.  He looked at Elle and said sure! Next question: what if Elle get's in an accident, could it fubar her back.  He said, it's fused and she has the same chance as anyone else of having back problems after an accident.  It was her last appointment, her life is now her own. YEAH!!  A PERFECT DAY or so we thought.

As I was driving her back to school from the appointment, the snow that was lightly falling before we went in had now turned ugly.  Cars were sliding every which way. Elle asked if we could stop at a drive through for some hot chocolate.  We headed that way, down a hill with a large incline.  I was taking it slow and talking to her about how to keep it slow when driving down a steep slick hill.

BAM! What the Hell! We're headed rather quickly into an intersection! We look at each other - AHHHHH!

Somehow we stop just short of the stop sign.  The car who hit us and had been pushing us down the hill all the sudden backs up goes into the other lane(couldn't do this before he hit us) and takes off!  Elle jumps out of the car and scream!s HEY!! STOP!! They stop in the middle of the intersection. Jump out - we wanted to stop, but couldn't (What!  You backed up and went speeding by us- oh right!). Our car stopped just short of the intersection. Elle standing outside the passenger car door. Out of nowhere, a Jeep barreling down the hill - can't stop! Jumps the sidewalk onto the grass and out through the driveway.  Elle get in the car!!!  Elle looks at me and says you jinxed us Mom. Ya think!

Other than being a little sore - some minor car damage - we're ok! Elle's perfectness remains! And Mr. Speedster got a ticket for traveling at high speeds for the conditions!