Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


My youngest, Little Hart is going through the the Terrible Teens.  Not the Terrible Twos - the Terrible Teens - she's 14.  Every question is answered with "What Do You Think?" in the most snarky tone she can muster.  Usually I have to go to my Happy Place to stop myself from snapping and responding with what I really want to say or strangling her.

Wish I could blame this whole thing on the Step Mom - Step Daughter relationship, but my own daughter let me know how stupid I was a number of years ago.  So I know it's a Mom - daughter thing.  I've gotten used to the "What?" when I call her on the phone - no Hello - How are you? - Just why the Hell are you bothering me. Or the super sweet child that appears when she wants something that she knows she shouldn't and then doesn't talk to me for days when I tell her no.

That happened last week when she wanted to miss her standardized testing and have a sleep over cuz "the testing is stupid! Don't you know anything!!" Apparently not! 

I thought I had heard it all until........Yesterday, Little Hart called from Greta's to tell me that her and Greta think that Little Hart's has the same ailment as her little sister (Greta's daughter).  Can I make an appointment for tomorrow (Monday)?  She can leave as early as 1:55 p.m. from school.  

I agree and tell Little Hart I will text when I get an appointment scheduled. I hang up happy that was she was nice and wanted me to do something for her.....turns out that was short lived.

Me: Just wanted to let you know the Doctor can see you at 3:45, so I will pick you up at normal time. Love you!

Little Hart: What happened to 1:55??

Me: (Screaming as I'm typing) Well he is a Doctor that has his own schedule - you have to go when he has an appointment not when it's convenient for you. 

Just like the terrible two's I know this is a phase that will eventually pass. From the looks of things, looks like five very long years before we see the Little Hart we know again.  What I have learned is that a good sense of humor goes a long way in surviving - yes I initially want to scream, but laughter is never to far behind. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up! As my Hubby always says "Buckle your seatbelt we're in for a very long and bumpy ride!"

What's your terrible teen story??