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Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


 Meltdown in Phoenix!

As I have shared with you all before, I have been going through Perimenopause symptoms since this summer. Yes they have been managed fairly well since I started taking my natural supplement, but every once in awhile I still find a way to have a meltdown or two. Vacations are no exceptions, actually they probably are just ripe for meltdowns to come out of nowhere.

I packed my carry on bag with all the essentials for our trip, including my iphone charger or so I thought. Along the way, I ended up with Little Hart's wallet. When we arrived my phone was charged at 85% so I left it alone. Little Hart asked if she could get out her wallet out of my carry-on. Of course! No problem.

On day two my phone was on it's last leg and needed to be charged ASAP. I realized this about 11:00 p.m. I rummage through my bag, no charger. Dump out the bag. Every last thing. No Charger! Shake it extra hard! Throw things around! NO CHARGER! So my mind quickly goes to Little Hart. She was the only one in my bag and must have "borrowed it", something that both girls have started recently. If you're reading Mom, it's payback times two! Anyway, I head to Little Hart's room:

Me: Do you have my phone charger?

Little Hart: No.

Me: Are you sure because you were the only one in my bag and it's missing!

Little Hart: Ya, I'm sure!

I head back to my room, rummage through all the same places I had just minutes earlier. NO CHARGER! I go back to Little Hart's room. Raylan is tucking her in for the night.

Me: Seriously, did you accidently take my charger.

Little Hart: No, I didn't take your charger Mom. You must have left it at home. I only have the one I brought and it's not yours!

Hubby: Could it be somewhere else?

Me: Ah, No! It was in my bag and it's just missing!

Little Hart: I don't have it. I promise I don't.

Me: I'll check it out in the morning.

I stomp off. Does Little Hart get mad? Ah, No. Earlier in the day, she had commented to me that I was exhibiting perimenopause symptoms, suggested I take a deep breath. This was hormonal Step-Mom. She knew it would pass just as quickly as it started and went to sleep.

Raylan came in a short time later.

Hubby: Lisa, it's just a charger.

Me: I know, but I'll have to spend another $30 to get another charger! What a waste of money.

Then came the full on sob. I knew it was nuts at the time, but I couldn't stop it.

In the morning I apologized for the minor meltdown. Little Hart reminded me that I probably left it at home and made fun of me along with the rest of my family for days. Restating my wacko comments and then laughing hysterically. I have to admit it was pretty funny after the fact. And that's the really amazing part of the story.

Little Hart doesn't hold on to hormonal or bad day Step-Mom. And I don't hold onto the moments she is irritated with me, doesn't want to to talk, etc. We treat each other like Mother and Daughter vs. Step-Mom and Step-Daughter. The difference? Step relationships can read all sorts of meaning into something that is a normal part of daily life. No one is perfect and expecting someone to be because their your step whatever is just crazy.

Step-family members need to step back and ask themselves if Dad or Mom or daughter did this - How would I react? Most times you would let it go or give someone the opportunity to make it right. Also, finding humor in the situation can diffuse the negative feelings and turn them into laughter. We all have our list of funny stories. My children have plenty of material to hit the comedy circuit.

And by the way, the charger was at home, just as Little Hart predicted. You were right my dear!