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Christina at Spilled Milkshake has a fun battle of the leading men going on over at her site. It caught my eye thanks to highlighting Timothy Olyphant.  After all I renamed my Hubby after his character Raylan in Justified (click on Raylan to see why).  I'm in love, love, love with Raylan, my Hubby that is and Timothy you're not to bad yourself.

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Elle had been diagnosed a year earlier with severe scoliosis.  You would think with a spine curve at a -49 degree you would be able to notice it by the way Elle was standing.  Nope.

Elle's Body BraceThe strange thing is that her body had adjusted to the curvature - she looked like she was standing straight. The only outward sign was her spine had disappeared from view when you looked at her back.  Other than wearing a swimsuit you didn't see her back - so it was easy to not notice.  The only complaint that Elle had initially had was her neck bothered her from time to time.  We attributed it to her sleeping wrong.  

Elle's diagnosis would occur during a routine physical before entering High School.

Easter, Easter, Easter. It's the one holiday we have never had conflict with the other family; no every other year, split the day down the middle. Nothing. Mostly I would say this is do to the fact that majority of Easter's have been on the other families weekend and we have never really made a big deal about it. The first year we realized that we wouldn't have the kids for Easter Sunday, we made an executive decision that the Easter Bunny would come the weekend before. EB decided to set an Easter Egg strategically in their bedrooms so when they woke up they might stumble upon it and wonder "What the Heck!" And that they did.
Meltdown in Phoenix! As I have shared with you all before, I have been going through Perimenopause symptoms since this summer. Yes they have been managed fairly well since I started taking my natural supplement, but every once in awhile I still find a way to have a meltdown or two. Vacations are no exceptions, actually they probably are just ripe for meltdowns to come out of nowhere.