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Little Hart goofing around with MY bra!


March 3, 2010 - Post in honor of the 1 year anniversary

My Mom's birthday has always been March 3rd, but last year in became joined forever with Little's Hart's emergency surgery. The third day in and Little Hart was getting worse, her lungs were filling with more fluid making it harder for her to breathe. And the eye was still swollen shut like a big golf ball underneath her eyelid and her blood pressure remained life threatening low even given all the medication they pumped in her to bring it back up. Things were looking grim.

It was late afternoon, when Dr. M (ENT Doctor) and Dr. C (Opthamologist) entered Little Hart's room. Raylan, Me and Greta surrounded Little Hart's bed.

Dr. M: It's time. We can't wait for Little Hart's blood pressure to stabilize. The antibiotics are not cutting it. We need to get the source of the infection and clean it out. Until we do, she's going to get worse. We hoped that she would turn a corner on medication, but it's not happening. Her lungs are compromised and will require that she remain on a ventilator for several days when she come out of the surgery.

Shock and panic fill the air. Another no win choice to be made. She could die on the operating table, but she will probably die if we don't do surgery because the infection will take over her body.

 Hubby: (Looks Dr. M in the eye, his voice shaking, eyes teary) Are you a father?

Dr. M: Yes

Hubby: As a father, if this was your daughter would you chose to do surgery?

Dr. M: YES, it's the only choice. We'll take good care of her.

Raylan looks at both me and Greta, I don't think we have a choice. Are we in agreement?

Greta: Yes

Me: Yes

Family members shuttle through to give hugs and kisses. The nurses ask everyone to leave so they can do the final preparations. Little Hart asks if her Daddy can stay with her. They agree.

Raylan tells Little Hart that she is wrapped in a Cocoon with all the love that everyone feels for her and it will keep her safe. If at any time she feels scared or lonely in the operating room, remember his arms holding her tight. He can see that she will make it through the surgery and he'll be waiting for her when she's done.

As they head to the operating room, Me, Greta, Elle, Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) join Raylan and walk her to the surgical area. I remember Dr. M walking over and saying we'll take good care of her. See you in an hour.

Me, Raylan, Elle, Jax, Greta, Sal, John, Halle, Grandma and Grandpa (my parents), take up half of the waiting room. We're in a semi-cricle sharing our funny Little Hart stories, laughing hysterically. An hour comes and go and we still haven't seen the doctor. Quiet replaces the laughter.

Twenty minutes later. Dr. M walks in. It went well, there was a lot more of the infection above her eye than the MRI had showed because it was presented itself in a thin layer. No question that she would not have gotten better without the surgery.

Here's what my Mom(Little Hart's Grandma) emailed to many of the people praying for Little Hart afterward:

Little Hart's CT scan revealed that the infection was worsening and her lungs were filling with fluid. Doctors had been holding off doing surgery because of her weakened condition but could wait no longer. Fortunately, she did better through surgery than expected. All the infection was cleaned out and abscess removed. Everything is being cultured to make sure that additional infections had not been missed on the first go around. She currently is in a chemical induced coma and is on a ventilator and feeding tube. Everyone is disappointed that the infection has not responded better to the antibiotics. The hope now is that with the center of infection removed, her body can begin to heal.

Little Hart's families have been so touched by the out pouring of love and prayers that have been sent during this very stressful time.

God Bless you all.