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March 2, 2010 - Post in honor of the 1 year anniversary

Little Hart had made it through the night. We knew that we were in a dog fight for Little Hart's survival. The doctors believed that she had a mild sinus infection that went wild, jumped to her eye socket and then her bloodstream and the lining of the brain(bacterial menegitis).

Luckily, the tests showed that it was Strep A, a bacteria that everyone carries on their bodies. Given that it was originally a sinus infection and there is so much blood circulating through the nasal cavity it had easy access to go wild. She wasn't contagious and now way to have prevented it.

The positive thing was that she went septic while in the hospital, the ER to be specific. There is only a 2-3 window to start treatment and have a chance of suriviviing. Typically most kids they see usually get o the hospital after the window has passed and their organs have already shut down. At that point, there is nothing that can be done to save them. It was the only comfort we had as we wondered if Little Hart would survive.

Even though they say Little Hart's not contagious they move her to a room with it's own ventilation system, it's hospital protocal for menegitis cases. It's a cold dark room, almost like a storage room. But it's a room with four walls and a door that closes. It also has a foldout lounge chair that will become mine and Elle's bed for the next six nights. We would score a sleep room for the next three nights. Greta would sleep in there at night and I would get a few hours in the morning, Raylan would go home for a few hours and then come back in the early, early morning.

The doctors agree that Little Hart's blood pressure is still struggling even with medication. They want to wait another day for surgery. We're in a holding pattern, she's not better or worse. She's on oxygen non-stop and they change her anitibiotics to tackle the Strep A infection. She's starving because they don't want to give her food in case they do surgery. She seems to be more with it, having conversations, but completely exhausted and really deflated emotionally.

I took over communications with our adult kids, Raylan's sister and my parents and siblings. Raylan' sister lives in Canada, so it will be updates via the phone and email. My parents and siblings are local, Halle lives in town and John an hour a way.

I call John and leave a message about what's going on with Little Hart He calls back a few hours later. He's on his way on to stay until Little Hart comes home. When he arrives it's comic relief and before we know it, even Little Hart is cracking a smile.

Every night from 5-6 p.m. they kick all the family out of the ICU so they can change nurses. That means were all out in the waiting room talking. John says, man when I woke up this morning, I got a beer and started playing video games. Game into my room at Noon saw that Lisa called TWICE. I call her back, find out what's going on with Little Hart and then race to the hospital.

Man- It's just been one thing after another today! Yes John it HAS!