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Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


March 1, 2010 - Post in honor of 1 year anniversary.

Elle arrived. The three of us took the regular elevator up to the ICU. Greta and Sal rode the service elevator with Litttle Hart. We arrived at the ER, staring a locked solid metal double door. To the left was a phone. We called stated LIttle Hart's name as requested on the BIG red sign. The nurse responded they were getting her situated and would let us in shortly. Raylan got upset. We're the ones closest to her and we're out here! She's all alone! I call back, this her Dad and Step-Mom. Little Hart's Mom and Step-Dad are already back there, perhaps you could send Step-Dad out and let her Dad in to be with his daughter? Sorry we didn't realize the family situation. The doors opened within seconds.

Little Hart was laying on a bed with 15 people gathered around her and a huge light shining over her body. The totality of the situation was starting to weigh heavily on Raylan. Little Hart and her Dad were always close, but in the last couple of years they had become even more so. I found that I had gone into strong mode for Raylan. My emotions were secondary to taking care of Raylan's.

The lead doctor announced Little Hart's gone septic. The infection has poisioned her blood. They've got to get a central line in her jugular so the medication can reach her heart and bloodstream faster. They pull out what seemed like a hundred page waiver of all the risks, death being the top one. If we don't sign for the procedure she will die and if we do she may die.

Raylan was on the verge of completely losing it. Greta announces that Step-Dad Sal is going to perform a blessing on Little Hart before the procedure, but we're welcome to join in. I look over at Raylan and I can tell it's the final straw. Religion had been an issue in their marriage and now Sal would be performing a blessing on a HIS child. Sal's relationship with Little Hart had been non-exsistent, but he would be leading the prayer for Little Hart's survival?

Raylan looked at me, I've got to get out of here NOW! I can't do this. Please stay with LIttle Hart I'll be fine! There was no stopping him. From the waiting room, I called Jax. I need your help. Little Hart is doing ok, but Dad is having a really hard time. He's on his way home. When he get's there I need you to hang out with him, watch the Jazz game and/or shoot the shit about anything. It doesn't matter he just needs to calm down. He nervously agrees to accepts.

I call Raylan. Hello in his short, pissed off voice.

Me: Hi Honey.

Raylan: Sorry. Greta called, "Talk to me." I told her I don't have anything to talk about.

Me: I didn't call for you to talk, I called to ask you to listen. Jax is at home, waiting for you. When you get there change your clothes, watch the game, calm down so you can come back up here for Little Hart. I love you! I know that things look really bad right now, but she's going to survive. It will be a long and bumpy road but she'll live.

Raylan: (started sobbing) My baby is laying there and I can't do anything to fix what's going on. I can't bare to lose her.

ME: You need to trust me! She's going to make it, but she'll need her Dad to do it!

I went back to the ICU. Greta walked toward me with her arms extended and hugged me. She was sobbing, "Why is this happening? I can't beiieve it!" I started crying with her. At that moment, our relationship changed. It wasn't the ex-wife and new wife, Mom and Step-Mom. It was two mother's who loved their child, comforting each other during a nightmare.

Raylan came back collected and strong. That night, Greta sat in rocking chair next to Little Hart's bed and Raylan stood next to the bedside. Elle and I "slept" on a couch in the waiting room.

To be continued.......