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Brain Surgery Part 1:

You go through life making choices all day long. Lots of small ones and on occasion some really BIG ones -  like what to make for dinner.  Ok, I struggle with that one quite often, but honestly I'm talking the really important decisions; the ones we make for our children.  What school should I send my little angel to next fall?  When can they go on their first date? Should I get divorced? - Monday-Morning-Quarterback

As a divorced Mom, married to a Man with Kids, I've had the benefit(drama/pain in the ass) of most of my decisions second guessed and debated by the Monday Morning Quarterback - an Ex Spouse, their current Spouse, Ex Wives and their current spouse........ Then you answer the phone one afternoon and realize that none of those decisions really mattered. Whatever control you thought you had when it came to your kids was all just an illusion.

For the past two weeks it feels like our family has been in an episode of House, desperately trying to figure out the cause of Elle's mysterious symptoms; ringing in her left ear and pain on the left side of her head and neck.  It started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it's been a extreme gambit of emotions since then.

Elle has had a number of ear problems over the years including a burst eardrum, indented ear drum, too many ear infections to count. She has a high pain threshold which usually means that by the time she says something is hurting it's been going on a long time and will take a considerable amount of effort to remedy. We always know the source of the problem and how to fix.  Not so this time around.