Hello Dahlings!

Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?


If you tuned in on Friday, you know that Elle was meeting her estranged Grandparents(Dick's parents) for lunch while we were in Phoenix. We purposely waited until Thursday night for Elle to invite them to lunch so there would be zero chance Dick could jump on a plane and join them. Raylan and Elle had searched the internet for a restaurant with a good rating, close to both of our houses and close to a movie theatre. We planned on seeing a movie after it naturally came to a conclusion.

The restaurant was located in a huge outdoor shopping center, full of restaurants. After driving around the entire complex we realized our selected restaurant was no where in sight! I called them to get a their exact location. Instead I got voicemail for The Wellness Center. What? Must of dialed wrong number! Dialed again. Oh my God, it's the right number, it's just not their number! Panic sets in. Little Hart gets on her phone internet -"Ah- The restaurant closed a year ago!" You're kidding! Little Hart: Nope!

Luckily we were a few minutes early so we quickly picked another restuarant in the complex. I called Grandpa Georgia and explained our little situation. He said "We're already here, we'll be there in a minute." The five of us walked into the restaurant. I explained our situation to the hostess. A table outside for Elle and her Grandparents and a table for us inside. Raylan and the kids sat down. Elle and I waited what seemed like an eternity, but was more like two minutes. Elle looked at me, "I'm going to throw-up." I put my arm around her, "it will be ok. They're as nervous as you are!"

I see them walking toward the door and the enormity of the situation hits me like a ton of bricks. My eyes well up and I could have started flat out sobbing, but I stop my self by swallowing hard (little tip - Self Magazine and by the way it works!) I wanted this to be a positive/perfect experience for Elle. It had been two long years and she needed her Grandparents today, not Dick's parents! Hopefully that's who showed up.

Their faces said it all when they lit up like Christmas trees at the sight of Elle. They hugged her so hard I didn't think they would ever let her go. Elle's worries vanished with all the hugs and ear to ear grins. They both hugged me as well, thanked me. They asked to say hi to the rest of the family. We all talked and laughed for a few minutes and then they were off to their table.

The night before Elle insisted we brainstorm talking points; back surgery, dance, San Fran trip, Hawaii trip, Little Hart's illness... In anticipation of the lunch, Elle had printed a dozen photo's of herself to give them as Grandma had been requesting. I was nervous for Elle, but my gut told me that it had been so long, that they must of realized Elle didn't need a lobbyist for Dick just her Grandparents. Hopefully they could reconnect even if Dick wasn't a part of it.

I peaked outside a few times. They were all smiles. When the three of them walked into the main dining room, two hours later the look at Elle's face said it all. Her Grandparents had shown up and man it was worth a million bucks to see it! As it turned out they were leaving for Georgia the next week. Perfect timing. Elle's face looked as though a piece of her life had been given back. A piece she thought she had lost forever. The dozen of nights Elle had cried about them taking Dick's side over hers seemed like a distant memory.

When they left they both gave Elle and me hugs. Grandpa Georgia who doesn't get emotional very often, teared up and said "Lisa, thanks so much for this lunch!  I said your welcome and thanks for coming! I know it's one lunch, but I hope that the three of them can continue to build upon the great start from Friday!