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Master Blender Lisa has been Blending Her ONE with His FIVE for 18 years.  With THREE Ex Spouses, THREE Step Parents and SIX kids we are living the Blended, Not Stirred dream.  Is that even a thing?

March 1, 2010 - Post in honor of 1 year anniversary.

Raylan:I just hung up with Greta. Little Hart woke up with a swollen eye. Greta took her to the pediatrician to have it check out. The doctor says the eye socket has a thin layer between it and the brain. Can't take any chances, Little Hart needs to have it checked out at the hospital immediately, just to be safe. They're on their way now!

Me: (My heart sinks, entire body fills up with panic) Oh my God! What do you want to do?

Raylan: (Cautious, can't let his mind go to a bad place) Sounds like they're just wanting to make sure it's nothing serious. Can you head up to the hospital and assess the situation? I going into my negotiations will keep my phone on. Keep me posted and let me know when I should come up there!

Me: I'm on my way.

Raylan: I Love you.

Me: I Love you

I call Greta. Her voice is warm, "Hi. We're in room 107. Little Hart's asking for you to please bring her red heart bear." I feel relief that Greta assumes that I'm coming to the hospital and seems ok about it. I say "Will do. Be there in twenty."

My heart racing, tears welling up in my eyes. I know I shouldn't, but my mind flashes to my brother. Please don't let Little Hart succumb to his same fate. Stop it, it's just your mind going wild. It's just a swollen eye!

The drive to the hospital feels like the longest twenty minutes of my life. I didn't know what I would find when I entered the room.   The week before had been a particulary bad one between Greta and Little Hart. I walked in, LIttle Hart was laying on the bed. Greta sitting in a chair.  Silence. Greta seems ok about me being there, maybe even relieved to have a buffer. I relax knowing that Greta's ok that I'm there. I hand Little Hart her bear and she wraps her arms around him tight. "Thank You!"

Little Hart starts talking to the ceiling as if she doesn't want to single one of us out.  She's hoping for a surgery of some sort. Sounds strange, but Elle had been at this very hospital only 7 months earlier for her back surgery.  Little Hart and I had stayed with Elle the entire time, including us "sleeping" on a couch made for one.  Little Hart was adamant that she couldn't leave Elle because she didn't want her be alone and feel scared.  She was like the head nurse, telling the other nurses when her sister needed something. Ordering Room Service every half hour so there would be food on hand(you can order food whenever you want) for Elle. The experience had been an adventure for Little Hart.

Doctors keep coming in and out. A CAT Scan is ordered and they invite Greta and me to come along.

X-Ray Tech: Mom and Aunt?

Me and Greta: No. Mom and Step-Mom.  

X-Ray Tech: Either of you pregnant?

Me and Greta: We both laugh and respond in unison I hope not!

The team of Opthamologists and Ear, Nose and Throat Doc's review the CAT scan. It's an infection above her eye that's causing the swelling. Doesn't look to bad, BUT "studies have shown that kids Little Hart's age usually need surgery in conjunction with antibiotics to clear the infection."  Blood tests are ordered so they can determine the strain of bacteria they're dealing with, but start her on a broad spectrum of antibiotics.

Back and forth. The docs agree, surgery this afternoon.

Little Hart screams "YES!' while pumping her arms up and down.

Docs: Ok. (shooting looks of  never heard that response before)

Me: It's the Elle factor, her sister.....

To be continued....