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I've been feeling very apathetic for a number of months in case you couldn't tell from my infrequent posting.  If I had to put my finger on it, it's been the change in our family structure as of late.  Our three youngest are not quite so young anymore. Two are off at college out of state - their rooms sit dark seven days a week. Our baby of the family just turned 16 - her room sits dark except from midnight to 3 am half the week! I know change comes whether I like it or not! This time around I seem to be having a harder time accepting life has moved on.....

If times goes by in a hurry for parents who are lucky enough to raise their kids everyday for eighteen years - it's on warp speed when you only have them half the time.

I never was a huge fan of Valentines Day before I married Raylan. So it never hurt my feelings with my Hubby's constant threats to boycott the "Hallmark Holiday."  Which would probably make you think I tend to shy away from the entire Holiday all together. Nope! As a Blended Family Parent - V DAY is a reminder of why I started this blended family journey in the first place......................

I fell in love with a boy named Raylan! Without him I would have never jumped into the deep end of the pool!

Today is my 12th Wedding Anniversary to Raylan - our 13th Anniversary as a Blended Family. Unlike a lot of second marriages we chose to celebrate our marriage in a fashion that mirrored one of a first marriage rather than a second or third. Our thought was - it was a celebration of our love so why should we feel ashamed that we had to travel through a number of obstacles to get here! If anything those obstacles have made our love even sweeter.

Raylan and I are celebrating our anniversary this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my sister-in-law and her extended family. Calgary and our family here hold a special place in our heart - this was where we got engaged. This past week we have been reminiscing about memories we've shared these past twelve years. One of my favorite memories was when we meet my nephew Frank, my niece and their family in Italy four years ago. Our kids are close in age and share similar interests so it was a perfect fit.

Frank was born and raised in a small village in Italy, but moved to Calgary when he was a teenager. Every few years he returns home with his own family to visit his hometown. We were extremely honored when Frank invited our family to join his on the visit four years ago.

From the very beginning, my Hubby made it clear that he hated Valentines Day so don't expect anything from him.  His philosophy was two fold.  First, if he needed a day to tell me he loved me then he wasn't doing a very good job the rest of the year.  Second, he's likened the Holiday to sanctioned extortion - either you buy your wife a gift or pay the consequences for not doing so!

In all honesty it never really bugged me - maybe it's the two bouquet of flowers he has sent me every single year for 13 years -  three days before Valentines Day, but NEVER on V Day! Or the "Just Because I Love You Day" we celebrate with our kids every year over a special dinner with a small gift exchange just coincidently around Valentines Day.  BUT, don't let any of that fool you because we DO NOT celebrate Valentines Day!

Tidbit Tuesday is a forum where I can talk about the things I'm hearing and seeing out in the real world.

Opening night of the Evo Conference there were a number of speakers sharing their personal stories to inspire the audience.  The last speaker was a gentleman I'll call Mike.  Mike started talking about a woman I'll call Kim, initially I  thought she was his wife.  Slides were flashing on the big screen of Kim in her role as a mother, business owner. Mike was talking about how much he respected her and his learning curve in becoming a supportive partner to Kim.  As the speech progressed I gleamed from his phrasing that Mike and Kim were not married.  

Without warning, a slide popped up on the big screen: "Will you marry me?" Simultaneously, Mike said something along the lines what do you when you love a woman this wonderful - "Ask her to marry you!"  Kim was down in the audience, he on stage.  Silence from her!  Mike walked down to Kim's table, knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him again. Silence from Kim.  


"Find your smile Lisa", those words from my Hubby as I left for the Evo Conference. For those of you who don't remember - "Find your smile Mitch" is from the movie City Slickers, one of our family favorites. I don't think I was as bad off as Mitch before he left for the Cattle Ranch, but if so it's coming 5 years later. In a few short weeks I'll be 45.

Last week I had a minor meltdown and then a major meltdown. First the minor. My kids are out of school for the summer. Like a lot of Mom's I don't feel like I have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my plate. Then to have all of my kids home during the day - has made life even more complicated.

On top of that, Jax is leaving in a few short weeks for College and has been full of compliments on how much he will miss my cooking, can I make him this, that or the other. I decided to be flattered and take it as a compliment and have been making him meals at all times of the day and night. Bad habit I know! Don't know if it's MY cooking as much as I do all the work. No matter the reason, I know I will miss these times come Fall - I jumped into becoming a short order cook for the summer.