All in Step-parenting

Today feels like a Monday with the Holiday yesterday.  I'm having a hard time getting started even with my steaming cup of tea.  At least it's Tuesday and I'm posting Tidbit Tuesday on Tuesday so that's a plus this week! Yeah me!

After posting Tidbit Tuesday last week - many of the comments and conversations I had following brought up the question - Is being a Step-Mom the hardest, most challenging role I have had in my life?

My initial response was Y-E-S, hands down it's been the hardest role of my life!

As I was telling my Hubby this very thing - he said even more than being a Mom dealing with your daughter's Step-Mom?  I have had some very serious issues with Malus over the past 17 years.  As I took time to think about my relationships with the Step-Mom(Malus) and the Mom's(Bitty/Greta) I deal with in both roles my reaction was still a big YES! I jotted down the some of the differences. Here they are:

Some of my reasons why being a Mom and dealing with the Step-Mom to my child ranks second to being a Step-Mom:

Meltdown in Phoenix! As I have shared with you all before, I have been going through Perimenopause symptoms since this summer. Yes they have been managed fairly well since I started taking my natural supplement, but every once in awhile I still find a way to have a meltdown or two. Vacations are no exceptions, actually they probably are just ripe for meltdowns to come out of nowhere.